Due Diligence Brownfield Environmental & Engineering Resources (Custom)Due Diligence & Site Assessment

Environmental Due Diligence is an investigation of a property to discover the known and potential environmental conditions present on site.  We look into all possible environmental issues and provide our clients with a comprehensive report outlining our findings.  These reports involve research into previously prepared documents, site visits to confirm or deny previous findings, interaction with regulatory agencies, and interviews with owners of the property.  The results of these investigations allow property owners to understand the liabilities of buying, selling, or developing on a potential site.

  • Transaction Screen (ASTM)
  • Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM, AAI)
  • Cultural Resources Assessment
  • Environmental Planning (CEQA/NEPA)
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Investigations
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Screening
  • Regulatory Database Review or Environmental Desktop Review

Brownfield Environmental & Engineering Resources Services

In today’s world, few projects can be completed without environmental oversight. This may range from environmental permitting to achieve regulatory approval, remediation engineering to remove a historic problem on an existing or potential site, due diligence or ecological assessment to identify issues during project infancy, or health and safety issues associated with operations or materials.

Brownfield provides a broad range of environmental engineering and environmental science based services to address these needs.

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